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Supporting information

This page provides links to background information relating to the project.

The Holford Rules 
Guidelines we follow for the routeing of new high voltage overhead transmission lines.

The Horlock Rules
Guidelines we follow for the siting of new substations.

National Grid’s commitments when undertaking work in the UK 
Our stakeholder, community and amenity policy which sets out our ten commitments when undertaking electricity and gas work in the UK.
National Grid’s Approach to the Design and Routeing of New Electricity Transmission Lines

Our approach to Options Appraisal
M5 Routeing Study

Undergrounding policy: Approach to existing overhead lines

Undergrounding high voltage electricity transmission line – The technical issues


The Energy Challenge
The challenge the UK faces in meeting projected energy needs over the next few decades and our role in meeting this challenge.
National Grid and the Electricity Industry 
Our role in the electricity industry and how we operate the electricity transmission system in England and Wales.

Planning Act 2008
How companies consult with the public about major projects and our commitment to genuine and meaningful community engagement through the development of major projects.
Environmental Impact Assessment
Information on how an Environmental Impact Assessment is carried out.
Overhead line construction/refurbishment 
How National Grid builds and refurbishes overhead lines.

Substation construction/refurbishment 
How National Grid replaces, upgrades or builds new substations.

Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMFs)
Information on EMFs and how our transmission network is designed and operated to ensure public safety.

High Voltage Direct Current Electricity – technical information 
Technical information on HVDC and the situations under which we apply the technology.  

Environmental and Engineering Surveys 
The variety of surveys carried out during the planning stages of projects.  

Alternatives to overhead transmission lines at Tickenham Ridge 
Why National Grid is proposing to use high voltage electricity transmission overhead lines to cross Tickenham Ridge rather than underground cables or gas insulated lines (GIL).

Electricity transmission cost study - National Grid’s view
How the Institution of Engineering and Technology and Parsons Brinckerhoff’s report (Jan 2012) on the costs of new electricity transmission infrastructure compares with National Grid’s.